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About Kadima

Kadima will meet all of your security needs, from long-term contracts, to special events, irrespective of hours or location. Our diligent services include: special events, home security, personal protection, commercial buildings (either high-rise or office parks), shopping centers, government offices, parking lots or structures, background checks, work violence, crowd management, and more. At Kadima Security Services, Inc., we understand every situation is unique, and with an experienced team of professionals with a proven record in all fields of security services and protection, our team is excellently prepared to provide you with outstanding services for any scenario.

Whether you seek a highly trained security detail present during business hours or around the clock, we are here to ensure the utmost safety of your visitors, tenants, and employees.

Kadima Security is committed to observing, reporting and being a deterent to all crime in its many forms, regardless of the scenario. Are you seeking protection for an office building, shopping center or parking lot? The presence of a world-class guard can deter potential theft, vandalism, and trespassers on your property.

We offer professional uniformed officers to protect all your assets including:

  • Personal Protection
  • Commercial Properties
  • Company Terminations
  • Special Events
  • Shopping Centers
  • Industrial Sites
  • Concerts
  • Retail Establishments
  • Residential Properties/Communities
  • All forms of Entertainment Venues
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Multi-Family Properties
  • Estate Security
  • Office Buildings and Complexes
  • Hotels
  • Religious Institutions
  • Construction Sites
  • 24/7 Supervision Response

Our Leadership

Louis Perry, President of Kadima Security Services. Mr. Perry’s robust career in security services has spanned nearly four rich decades. Having led security programs for some of the largest real estate and commercial properties in the country, his passion and leadership have yielded a seasoned security services professional. Mr. Perry has an impeccable reputation for teaching the highest level loss prevention, customer service, and security training curriculum for officers, putting him and our team on the cutting edge or security protocol. His professionalism, experience, and skill set have garnered him appearances in a multitude of publications, radio programming, and television shows to share his insight on security related issues, allowing him to become a leading voice in security service intelligence. His knowledge and expertise in asset protection, hospitality, and personal security is beneficial and valuable to help Kadima Security Services provide exemplary service to our clients.

Raymond Yashouafar, Executive Vice President of Kadima Security Services. Mr. Yashouafar career spans in operations of commercial, residential, and industrial properties prior to joining Kadima Security. In his three decades of experience he has designed, managed and supervised many security programs and understand what client’s security needs are. With his passion for technology, Mr. Yashouafar is always looking for innovative ways to help clients protect their assets by combining technology and manned security.

Our Officers

Kadima employs highly trained officers who: exhibit only the utmost professionalism, are impeccably trustworthy, and consistently dependable. Our officers are focused on providing our clients with the greatest level of protection to their assets. Our armed and unarmed officers go through a rigid employee screening process that involves fingerprinting, interviews with former employers and personal references, a background investigation including California State Guard License status, and an FBI criminal background check. Our employees are skilled communicators committed to maintaining open channels of communication between Kadima and you, ensuring that your needs are met proactively. Kadima is proud to employ individuals with experience in law enforcement, the armed forces, and customer services.

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